How to book the choir...
The Chad Singers of Pattingham
The choir now has a wide repertoire of music, many of the pieces being to our own arrangement(s) with an 'easy-to-listen- to' approach with popular appeal.
A typical choir for your occasion would be of mixed voices (S.A.T.B) with up to 27 singers. The choir will operate as a full ensemble or part depending on the event. Please consult the Secretary for more details.
The Chad Singers is managed by a small committee which considers all requests and plans the annual performance programme.

Booking Requests
Requests should be put in writing on behalf of the organisation or Charity and forwarded to the Secretary detailing:-
Proposed date of concert / cabaret (with alternative dates, if possible.)
Performance timing / intervals (if any).
Venue / staging facilities, etc.
Charity supported by the event.
(Where the hosts are not directly supporting a good cause, the choir would appreciate a donation to, or a collection for, its current charity.)
Any special requests as to type of music preferred.
Prior to a concert, the Musical Director usually visits the venue to verify staging arrangements and to confirm any final details with your representative.

The Choir
will, in consultation with the hosts, create a musical programme and provide a draft copy of the music to be performed. (The choir reserves the right to have a final say in the programme content.)

The Hosts are responsible for all arrangements and management of the event.
This includes:-
The promotion of the event.
Ticket sales.
Printing of programmes (if required).
The booking of the venue.
Complying with all licensing, fire and insurance regulations.
Obtaining any necessary permissions.
Provision of P.A. equipment (if available).
House management / refreshments, etc.
The choir is accompanied on an electronic keyboard and therefore access to a convenient power supply is necessary.

For more details or to arrange a booking, please contact:-
Gena Richards (Choir Secretary)
Westbeech Road, Pattingham, Wolverhampton
Tel: 01902 700188